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In order to guarantee the best tango experience for all participants, places are limited.

For the milongas, so that the dancers can fully enjoy the dance floor.

For the lessons, so that the maestros can take care of every single student.

Thank you!

Anibal Lautaro & Valeria Maside

OUR SEMINARS: our experience showed us that this is the best way to learn since this  method is focused on evolution.

Friday 17:30-19:00 & 19:15-20:45

Seminar sacadas 40€ per person for 3 hours
Exercices and figures to work on the sacadas of the leader and of the follower.

Saturday 10:30-12:00

Technique Leader & Follower 20€ per person for 1.5 hour

Saturday 12:30-14:00 & 14:15-15:45

Seminar Giros 40€ per person for 3 hours
Exercices and figures to work on everything the leader needs to know about Giros.

Sunday 17:30-19:30

Special class on ABRAZO 30€ per person for 2 hours
Tips to improve the technique, the comfort and the connection.

Adriana Herrera & Damian Desmaras

Every lesson is 20€ per person

Friday 15:00-16:00 => TECHNIQUE for both roles


Saturday 16:00-17:00 => COLGADAS y VOLCADAS

Saturday 17:00-18:00 => BARRIDAS SIMPLES Y COMPLEJAS

Except for the TECHNIQUE lesson, it is recommended to subscribe with a partner.

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