Thursday 31st May & Sunday 3rd June

El Ma(e)stro 

Sylvain Mastrogiovanni (alias "El Ma(e)stro") is a tango passionate: DJ, dancer and milonga organizer. As a DJ, he worked in Perpignan and Nice (France), in the main milongas of Barcelona, as well as in the Sitges International Tango Festival and the Benidorm Tango Festival. He now lives in Santa Cruz de Tenerife where he continues his activity of DJ and organizes his own milonga. 
Particular sign: he exclusively plays tandas of 3 songs.

Saturday 2nd

Fernando Corrado
(Buenos Aires)

Fernando Corrado is a DJ in the main milongas of Buenos Aires and has more than 10 years of experience musicalizing practices, milongas and festivals. He is currently working in Europe where he has musicalized in more than 30 different cities, standing out to create through the music an original and authentic atmosphere typical of the milongas of Buenos Aires.

Friday 1st June



Flora is a Canarian who lives in Tenerife.

He musicalizes milongas in he south of Tenerife and participates in the Canary Islands Tango Festival.

Hi music is inpired by his passion for dancing and the energy of the D'Arienzo style of the 40's.

His cortinas are a continuation of energy and dynamic.