Matias Rivas & Elizabeth Cordone 
(Buenos Aires)

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Elizabeth Cordone and Matias Rivas are dancers, teachers and choreographers of Argentine Tango.
They joined their paths as professional dancers in Buenos Aires night, dancing in prestigious "Casas de Tango Show".
There they were formed as a stable tango couple and participated in casts of numerous dance companies together with renowned orchestras.
Their "milonguero" style and the experience in the "tables" (theater stages) has led them to develop a unique and personal style. Embraced in a passionate, virtuous and emotional dance, playing between the subtle rules of the purest tango salon to the fascinating magic of stage tango.
Body awareness and expressive body mastery, delicately impregnated with the elegance, character, and mischief of tango, is its hallmark.
His teaching work began in prestigious schools in Buenos Aires and also in academies and festivals around the world.
There in the capital of tango in the Recoleta neighborhood they founded their dance school "Recoleta Tango Studio".
Their training in Choreographic Composition and literary studies, has opened the doors of the world stages. They have been summoned by various dance companies, such as couchers, appreciating their ideal contribution in terms of the scenic, aesthetic and choreographic setting of Argentine Tango.

Screenwriters and Choreographers:
Their musical play "Prohibido Tango" has been recognized by the Mexican government, and has been awarded a distinction for his repeated participation in the "Festival of Souls".

In 2019 they created Taura Tango, Providing its World premiere, on October 23, at the International Music Festival of Cancún.