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In order to ensure the best learning experience for all participants, places are limited.
All classes must be booked and paid for in advance.
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Anibal Lautaro & Valeria Maside

Friday 16h30-18h00

Different types and sequences of sacadas for the leader and follower.

Saturday 16h00-17h30

Class "ABRAZO"
Work on the abrazo, looking for comfort and flexibility for the leader and follower. Optimize the connection.

Sunday 17h00-18h30

Class "VALS"

Matias Rivas & Elizabeth Cordone

Thursday 18h-19h30

Class "IN and OUT of the AXIS"
Work on weight, inertia, thrust and centrifugal force.
Colgadas - Volcadas - Ate

Friday 14h30-16h00


Friday 13h-14h30

Class "Technique for women"

Saturday 14h30-16h00

Class "GIROS"
Giro technique (leader & follower)
Feedback between the couple
Different types of giros (Milonguero, Salon, Stage)
Sequences of giros

Viviana Segade

Saturday 12h30-14h

Special class "Chacarera"
15€ per person
No booking required.