Saturday 6th

El Ma(e)stro

Sylvain Mastrogiovanni (alias "El Ma(e)stro") is a tango passionate: DJ, dancer and tango events organizer. As a DJ, he worked in Perpignan and Nice (France), in the main milongas of Barcelona, as well as in the Sitges International Tango Festival 2017, the Benidorm Tango Festival 2018, the Tenerife Tango Meeting 2018, the whole La Palma Tango Meeting 2018 and the Tenerife Tango Marathon 2018.

He now lives in Santa Cruz de Tenerife where he continues his activity of DJ and organizes his own milonga.
Particular sign: he exclusively plays tandas of 3 songs.

Sunday 7th

Viviana Segade

I love and know Tango music well. Being a DJ becomes an art form. Music is energy and emotion. Through my musical selections as a music maker, I create a structure and an energetic form that is sustained throughout the milonga, achieving a unity, a complete and pleasant whole, a connection with the dancers on the floor, according to the different climates I want to create during the night.
My beginnings as a Tango DJ were in 2008 when I organized the Milonga "Tango Vivo" mix of Milonga and Exhibition/Show in Torviscas Bajo, Tenerife Sur.
Since 2011, I have been musicalizing a weekly tango program at Radio Isora. Also since 2011, I have been musicalizing my own milonga, "Percal". I try to balance the music between the two extremes, considering the qualities of the music and its extreme opposites: fast or slow; simple or complex; calm or dramatic; soft (linked) or cut (staccato); hard or soft; dynamic or "square", more rhythmic or more melodic, making a change of tempo, intensity or in the complexity and elaboration of the music, for all tastes.

Friday 5th

El Comandante de los Cortineros

"El Comandante" comes from Berlin and is passionate and dedicated as a dancer and DJ for Argentine tango since he came into contact with it 13 years ago.
From that time on, there was no going back for him.
He began to collect music of the old masters incessantly and began in 2009 as a DJ. His favourite orchestras include Caló, Troilo, Tanturi, D'Arienzo, di Sarli, Fresedo to name but a few. Who has experienced "El Comandante" once, will gladly do it again, because his selection of music, compiled with deepest love for the tango, infects everyone so much that you don't want to let go of the embrace.

Thursday 4th


Floro is a Canarian who lives in Tenerife. He musicalizes milongas in he south of Tenerife and participates in the Canary Islands Tango Festival. Lately, he was one of the DJs of the Tenerife Tango Meeting 2018 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and of the the Tenerife Tango Marathon 2018 in Playa de Las Americas . Hi music is inpired by his passion for dancing and the energy of the D'Arienzo style of the 40's. His cortinas are a continuation of energy and dynamic.

After milongas

Anna Cel

Anna has been evolving in the tango world for the past ten years.
Dancer, teacher, organizer and DJ (mainly in Barcelona), she infuses her femininity and love of tango into her tandas selections.