Friday 5th April

Pablo Linares & Amelia Esparza


Pablo Linares and Amelia Esparza are dancers and Maestros of Argentine Tango with a wide training, both in the Artistic field and in Teaching.
Owners of a style that represents the cultural roots and the very essence of Argentine Tango, these artists have the added value of being able to capture in their dance and classes, not only essence and tradition but also all the evolutions of the movement technique that Argentine Tango has experienced in the last decade.
In short, essence and vanguard in the same couple.

Saturday 6th April

Anibal Lautaro & Valeria Maside

(Buenos Aires)

Aníbal & Valeria, as an Argentine couple of dancers and teachers, represent the traditional style of Buenos Aires with great personality and a youthful touch. They belong to the last generation formed by real milongueros and grandmasters. Their lessons and personal style have led them to traveling around the world with different shows or as teachers at prestigious festivals.

For 10 years now they they have developed a teaching method aiming to simplify the difficult, comfort, hug and encourage naturalness, although without neglecting aesthetics. Their curiosity made them take classes with many teachers and discover very different styles, making them experience different types of hugs, energy, techniques and interpretations that are now very useful to harness the talents and capabilities of each student.

They were cast in "Fascinación de Tango" show on its last tour in China 2009.

As teachers they participated in several International Tango Festival, including: II International Tango Congress Florianópolis (Brasil), II Bio Tango Festival in Barcelona (Spain), Ritmos del Mundo Festival (Belgium), Hoepertingen Summer Tango Week (Belgium), Dansen in't Park Festival (Belgium), La Noche de la Pasión Festival (Belgium); Festival de las Artes in Bariloche (Argentina), International Tango Festival Antwerpen (Belgium), Rojo Tango Festival (London), International Tango Festival Kraysnoyarks (Russsia), Peñíscola Tango Enceuntro (Spain), Festival Aix-en-Provence (France), Very Nice Tango Festival (France), Kerallic Festival (France), Barcelona Tango Festival (Spain).

Currently they are directors, choreographers and co-producers of the show "100% Tango Show". They have regular classes in Brussels, Antwerp and Gent (Belgium).

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